Hi, my name is Lubor Zelinka, and I am a 3D artist and designer based in Prague, the Czech Republic. This is a showcase of my work, both commissioned and personal. I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now, having worked as a 3D artist on movies, commercials, visualizations and interactive applications for various clients. I am now a designer at LEGO, using their famous brick to build various large models for in-store marketing and special events. However, I have always had a strong passion for cars and other vehicles (as you can tell from looking at my portfolio) and I decided to start making posters and prints of some of the ones that are somehow special for me. You can find them in the Shop, as well as some other, digital content. Some of it, like the MEL tools, is even free, so go grab some.


Meet your heroes

They say that man should never meet their heroes. I chose to ignore that and back in 2015, me and my brother (the usual suspect for such events) visited a …


Hello, and welcome. I am Lubor Zelinka, also known as elzet around the Internet (because for some reason, people just don’t remember my name). I am many things, among them …