New poster is coming!

The idea I had back in 2015 when I first started working on the M3 model was to do just one render, a portfolio piece, showing the car in a dynamic composition. As you already know, I got really sidetracked and ended up making an entire series, printing it and building entire website around it. It was a great fun, though! The first batch of the prints is almost gone, and it brought a smile to the face of many who bought or to whom I gave it as a present. That means it’s time to push things further with a new print.

Steve Soper’s E30 M3 flying trough the Grundigkehre at Norisring…
…or rather a full CGI version of it

I took few more weeks to finish this original concept – not only because the environment is full CG this time (the actual place still exists but the surroundings are different) and took a lot more time to render, but also because I had to ask for some help of my friends. Karting legend Mikuláš Dula was kind enough to pose as Steve Soper’s double during a great photoshoot with Tereza Oršulíková, a talented photgrapher. I don’t normally use actors in my work, so this was all new to me. Luckilly, they both knew what to do, probably better than me 🙂

Tereza and Mikuláš during photoshoot

And what is next? Who knows. I feel like closing a chapter, that’s for sure. Now excuse me, it’s time to drive to the printer’s.

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