Hello, and welcome. I am Lubor Zelinka, also known as elzet around the Internet (because for some reason, people just don’t remember my name). I am many things, among them brick model designer, computer graphics artist, teacher and perpetual learner, life-long tinkerer, avid driver and many, many others. My home is in Prague, Czech Republic, but this site is my digital home.
I am moving in this digital home from many other spaces – my old webpage that was long overdue for redesign, two magazines I used to write for, several blogs that started and died quickly, and social media where much of the content quickly disappears below the bottom screen edge never to be seen again. This is an effort to bring everything under one roof, one link, and one personal brand, if you will.
Countless people have asked me (and chances are, if you are creative professional, they asked you the same question) whether I have a website or online portfolio. It was only recently when I realized that website or portfolio is not a thing to have, but rather something that has to be cared for and updated and maintained and everything. So this is also a test of my will to hold on and keep caring and updating and posting.
As with every move, this is just the beginning and my plans are not finalized yet. Part of this project is of course commercial – reaching out to new clients and selling my stuff, and the other part is about finding new connections to people who will keep me motivated. Big shout-out and thanks to everybody who has been my inspiration – namely Jan Kročák, Petr J., my brother Jan, my heroes Scott Robertson, John Park, Eric Reinholdt, John Grimwade, and others.